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Author Archives: Sardine Run South Africa

Cape Gannets – Raining Birds

Raining Birds, Cape Gannets indicating where sardines are

The raining birds. Cape Gannets What do Cape Gannets look like? This is not an unusual sight out on the boat on Sardine Run. Cape Gannets are one of our great Sardine Bait ball detectors. Raining from the sky in swarms of hundreds of birds, these Cleopatra looking birds because they look like they have…

It’s Begun!!! Sardine Run South Africa is on the go!

Humpback Whales are often seen migrating this time of year

It’s Begun! Sardine Run 2019 is here! Making new friends is one of our favorite things. Timo Dersch shares his experience so far! Sunfish (Mola Mola) enjoy cold water however, they are often found on the surface, basking in the sun. Dusky Sharks, Common Dolphins (Delphinus delphis), and Gannets (Morus capensis) work symbiotically to maintain…

Brydes Whales – Sardine Run South Africa

Brydes Whales are a common sighting at Sardine Run South Africa

Brydes Whales (Balaenoptera brydei) Lets face it, the reason you googled Brydes Whales was because you’re debating with a mate on how to pronounce it. Ha ha ha, haven’t we all. So to put you out of your misery, the pronunciation is: “brew-diz”. Named by Orjan Olsen a Norwegian whaler in the early 1900’s after…

Excitement of Sardine Run South Africa

Cremorne Estate has direct access into the Umzimvubu River where we launch our boats from for the Great Migration

Sardine Run Excitement is in the air!!! Gary and I will depart to Port St Johns soon because in just 5 days, our first guests will arrive. Besides keeping an eye on the Great Migration, weather and sightings by our colleagues that are already operating will be a priority. ANYthing can happen ANY time on your…

Dolphins – How intelligent are they?

Cetaceans, Dolphins, Common Dolphins, Sardine Run South Africa, Sardine Run

While doing some research for my next post, I came across this little snippet on dolphins. We all know that they are highly intelligent, we’ve seen it in movies, head the stories and god-forbid seen them do tricks at the aquarium. They learn quickly and exhibit emotions and understanding. Could it really be that 55…

The Countdown

Free Diving on Sardine Run

Counting Down the days! The Countdown has begun to Sardine Run South Africa 2019, in just 1.5 months we’ll migrate to Port Saint Johns. The reason we go to Port Saint Johns is that this is where the continental shelf is closest to land.The Annual Sardine (Sadinops Sagax) migration against the warm Agulhas current and…