Sardine Run 2021

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Sardine Run South Africa has been offering Sardine Run packages for the past 17 years. Our Sardine Run 2021 packages are aimed at divers and snorkelers looking for pure adventure. Getting up close and personal with sharks, game fish, seals, penguins, sardines, mola-mola and, on occasion, orca and many species of marine-birds and marine mammals.

What to expect

When you arrive in South Africa, we are your hosts, tour guides and dive guides for the duration of your trip. Our Sardine Run 2021 packages includes so much. This means we take care of Airport Transfers, Transfers to and from Port St Johns, boat lunches, dinners, marine permits, cylinder hire, weight hire, Accommodation and Scuba Diving all you have to do, is get here!

You can look forward to exciting launches, up to 8 hours a day at sea searching for the annual sardine run migration, whales breaching really close, mega-pods of common dolphins, brydes whales, occasional sightings of orca and mola-mola. Port Saint Johns is nested in the heart of the wild coast therefore the landscape from sea is spectacular. You’ll pass sites such as “blow-hole” and “waterfall bluff” amazing offerings by nature.

Some days you’ll find the sardines are running but marine predators are not feeding. On these days we have a secret reef to dive that is inhabited by hundreds of Ragged Tooth Sharks (Spotted Sand Tigers / Grey Nurse Sharks).

Water temperature is around 18 – 21 degrees celcius so a 7mm wetsuit will suffice. Therefor dry suits are not entirely suitable. This is because of the fact that a lot of the action is experienced on snorkel. As a result dry suits cause drag and you will miss out on the underwater feeding frenzy and bait balls.

Definately bring your camera so that you can be your own Natgeo star! Moreover Sardine Run 2021 will be Nature’s gift to you.


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